Top 10 Adventure Destinations in the World

Adventure is a necessary self recreation. A lot of adventurers and aspiring ones need ideas on where to take on good challenges. Fortunately, nature is the best provider of adventures.

Here are some world’s destinations to take on adventures: 

Mountain Climbing in Mount Everest, Nepal

Mt. Everest has an average height of 8,850 meters and has a pyramid structure. There are about 4,000 climbers who have succeeded in climbing this mountain, while approximately 300 have died for their attempt. Every year, Mt. Everest is recorded to move an inch taller. 

Ice Skiing in Telluride, USA

In North America, the Telluride Ski Resort ranks number 1 when it comes to skiing. It has 2,400 skiable acres, where 23% of it is for beginners, 36% for intermediate, and 41% for advanced skiers, not to mention the breathtaking views. 

Skydiving Adventure in Victoria Falls, South Africa

This has a 5-star rating for tourists. You will first ride a small plane while wearing the necessary clothing and parachute. You will first do a free fall with a speed of 200 kph from 10,000 meters above land. As you release the parachute at the appropriate level, you and your sky tandem will now enjoy the beauty of Victoria Falls at bird’s eye view. 

Surfing at Bondi Beach, Sydney

A famous surf beach in Australia is the Bondi beach. This has about 70 surf beaches, with different wave currents for surfers. Surf instructors are available to teach the surfing etiquette to newbies. After a day of surfing, surfers would love to chill and watch the sun as it sets. 

Night Volcano Trekking in Kilauea, Hawaii

Kilauea volcano is Hawaii’s most active volcano. This is famous because of its pyrotechnics, which is the meeting of lava and the Pacific Ocean. It would take a 4 mile hike, which would last for 2 to 3 hours, before witnessing the 900 degrees Celsius lava. 

Rock Climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

This is the most popular climbing destination in Europe, which has about 7,000 climbers every year. As of 2020, this has 3,400 routes and 528 passages with stalactites, white and orange walls, and sharp gray slabs with little iron knobs. The length of the routes can be 20 to 30 cm, or even 3 to 5 pitches. 

Cave Diving in Anhumas Abyss, Brazil

This cave is known for its calcareous cones beneath. One must undergo a 72 meter rappel before diving. It has a depth of approximately 80 meters. Certified divers are allowed to dive for at most 18 meters, while those who aren’t will just have to stay near the surface for safety. 

White Water Rafting in Rio Upano, Ecuador

This river stretches about 60 kilometers. It is bounded by rainforests, where one can encounter wildlife. Local operators are present to brief rafters, before they enjoy the rapids. The water current ranges from gentle for beginners to rapid for the advanced rafters. 

BMX Racing in Toronto, Canada

When you become a member of this organization, you can freely set up an appointment to be able to race with other racers. The field is about 300 to 400 meters long, and littered with obstacles. For safety, only 8 racers are allowed to race at a time. 

Canyoneering in Tara Canyon, Montenegro 

Tara River has clear blue green waters. It is the longest river in Montenegro, having 144 km length. There can be 2 routes, which takes 3-4 hours for the people to cross. Tara River has a minimum of 13,000 meters depth, and over 40 cascades. 

Nature is really the source of life and fun. You could discover a lot of fun activities or adventure the more you get to know Mother Earth. Nature tripping while enjoying what nature has to offer is what an adventure is all about. So, don’t stop discovering, and prepare to release your energy reserves for more adventures.