How to Make Camping and Hiking More Enjoyable

Do you want to unwind or try something new? Are you bored with everyday routines? If that is the case, then why don’t you go and play along with nature? Go on a camp or a hike. You may be able to discover hidden places, breathe fresh air, and experience something unique. Read through this article in order to make camping and hiking activities more enjoyable:

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Plan your trip.

In planning a trip, you need to start simple. Start in choosing a dream destination. You may research online, look for some reviews, and other pertinent information. Find out if it needs fees or permits. Depending on your available time (like vacation leave), decide on the date and duration for the trip. It is preferable to have an outdoor trip during warmer days. Prepare a list of activities and the route that you are going to follow. You may also consider other facilities or places to visit near your destination, for you to properly plan beforehand. 

Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You cannot survive in hiking or camping when you are not fully ready. According to Walt Thompson, a registered clinical exercise physiologist, one must undergo proper physical training when planning to go on an outdoor trip. This may include regular exercise, to develop and condition your body muscles. With regard to mental and emotional preparation, you may start by thinking of anything that will make you uncomfortable throughout the trip. Expect for the worst, and think of ways to deal with it by preparing contingency plans. Ready yourself for any circumstance, but still hope for the best. 

Bring and wear the right gear and clothing.

Outdoor life can be difficult and dangerous in some situations. Therefore, if you do not want to make it even worse, then make sure to bring all the necessities for the trip. Wear and bring the right attire and gear, including footwear and backpack. Remember to always travel lightly. If you are going with a group, you may assign essential tools for each member to bring, in order to balance the weight of the loads. It is also important to bring emergency first aid kits. Create a checklist containing everything you will need. Make sure to seal and put the list in a durable backpack with easy access. 

Follow camping and hiking do’s and don’ts.

In order to be safe on your outdoor trip, you need to be aware of everything that you do. Too much curiosity may bring you harm. Be very careful about what you touch, smell, step, eat, or drink. This is to avoid health problems along the trip. If you plan on hiking mountains, then you must know its weather condition and its pressure and temperature drops, including possible wildlife and dangerous plants and insects to avoid. Most importantly, always bring your trash with you. Maintain the cleanliness of the environment you are currently hiking or camping. 

Camping and hiking with friends.

Going on camping or hiking alone can be safe, for as long as you know the place very well and have a lot of experience. By doing an outdoor trip alone, you may have your personal space, and could meditate. However, there are also disadvantages, like accidents can happen. Hiking or camping with friends could develop stronger relationships and could prove useful when encountering difficulties. Facing difficult situations could easily be overcome when handled by a group.

Outdoor activities are fun and exciting. They are a form of self-relaxation and identification. They help restore relationships and improve the mental state of a person. Camping or hiking allows people to be free, brave, and wise. As you encounter what nature has to offer, learn to appreciate its splendor. Never forget that sometime in your life, you experienced something even worth more than gold.