Product Review: Brooks Glycerin 18

Every mile that you pass in a marathon is a testament to your unlimited potential. Each stride you make is proof of your dedication. However, irritating blisters may be inevitable and any uncomfortable footwear will ruin the journey. Brooks is here to offer you their state of the art running shoes that perfectly blend comfort and style. The Brooks Glycerin 18 is equipped with the latest DNA Loft foam for its midsole padding and 3D printed mesh cover. Each step will be a breeze with its cushioned soles and breathable saddles. 

Brooks goes beyond expectations with its reinvented Glycerin 18. Its new adjustments will surely make you look at the world of shoes at a different light. Here are its amazing features that set the bar higher for running shoes everywhere: 

Performance of the Brooks Glycerin 18

The interior of the Brooks Glycerin 18 is stuffed with luxurious DNA loft cushions that give you that snug feeling. Durable and light, this shoe is best for long runs with short recoveries, due to its shock-absorbing technology. This shoe is built particularly for your ease and convenience. 

Design and Material 

Made with EVA foam and porous rubber, The 18th version of the Brooks Glycerin balances speed and foot protection. This design allows it to give you a bouncier pace and support. Breathability and ventilation is not a problem since it uses 3D printed double-jacquard mesh in its upper. Brooks also innovates with the use of blown rubber on the forefoot and high-abrasion rubber on the heel area for better hold and traction.

Fit and Sizing

Breaking in on a new pair of shoes can be a little uncomfortable. But, thanks to its stretchy ankle collars, you won’t have a problem of getting used to the fit. Toe and heel transitions are well-adjusted and have the proper instep padding to prevent injuries. Its thick outsole rubber coating also gives you a better grip on wet roads and other running surfaces. 

Build Quality and Durability

Created for your satisfaction, you won’t worry about sweaty shoes on a hot day. With Brooks Glycerin 18, even though your feet are sweating, it will still be dry and breezy due to its mesh and breathable cover. It’s perfect for running without socks since it has enough padding to stop you from feeling the concrete. 

Pros and Cons


  • Thick and abundant cushions and padding
  • Easy fit ankle bands
  • Airy and well-ventilated cover
  • Prevents foot injuries
  • Lightweight and built for speed
  • Built with patterned rubber soles for a stronger grip 


  • Uses too much foam for runners who want the natural feel of the road
  • Needs more flexibility and stretchiness 


When the worst comes during a marathon, Brooks is there for you. With Brooks Glycerin 18 you can have that smooth cross over the finish line without any damaging bruises and painful blisters. It is specifically manufactured for runners who value comfort without sacrificing quality. This pair of running shoes will make you feel like you are stepping on the clouds.

Product Details 

  • Retail Price: $150
  • Weight: 10.2 oz
  • Drop: 10 millimeters
  • Midsole Cushion: DNA Loft
  • Best features: Plush midsole padding, breathable cover, high-quality Ortholite sock liner, adjustable ankle panel
  • Problems and peeves: Thick cushioning prevents natural ground feeling, lacks flexibility

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